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Marilyn Monroe Returns: Home Page


There are but few people in this world that stand above the rest. Take chances without permission, pursue what everyone else thinks Impossible and Discover, Discover, Discover.
I'm lucky to have met some of them.

OUR MISSION: is to free the world of pain and past mistakes. To learn and love, to unlock secrets it seems organizations have made tabu to even consider. Why do they do this? Maybe we should research and realize it is their fears that keep us down, and repeating the same race and religious hate to the world's detriment. God Bless.

Marilyn Monroe Has Returned for the healing of all Souls!

Please check out
Someone Else's Yesterday: Jeffrey Keene
Return of the Revolutionary's: Walter Semkiw

To find out more contact
Extraordinary doctor/specialist Dr.Adrian Finkelstein

see also the very special help of Kevin Ryerson (AHTUN RE)

Marilyn Monroe Returns, The Healing of a Soul by
leading expert and Dr. Adrian Finkelstein.

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Marilyn Monroe's Reincarnation Gladys Monroe Bakers Reincarnation Pictures of Sherrie Lea and the similarities between her and Norma Jeane and Marilyn Monroe

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