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Pandamonia Singer Sherrie Lea Marilyn Monroe's Reincarnation
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Peace comes in many forms!! In this case a book. 
A beautiful book on both reincarnation and healing. It looks past fame, infact obliterates it. People need icons to hold on to. People should be their own Icon and live in such a way they can look up to themselves and their families and animals. It's a book and a case study. Prove it's true? Prove it's not true...we're all ears. Reincarnation isn't tangible? God is? Love is? Hypnosis has proven itself over and over. No different than air has proven itself. It's a science. Regression therapy is a VERY POWERFUL TOOL IN HEALING. DR.FINKELSTEIN IS THE KINDEST MAN I HAVE EVER MET. He conducts ONLY HEALING...while many others in the world have shown other behaviours. He will surely victor, just based on Karmic Content alone. Peace and Love to all and let shameful people acknowledge and change their ways. Let cruel people change their ways. Particularly in the name of children and animals. From a simple and true case of reincarnation case Number 19,929 and of course one day into the millions, yours truly Sherrie Laird.