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Pandamonia Singer Sherrie Lea Marilyn Monroe's Reincarnation
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all pics on site are just for pondering nothing more 
Some one once said YOURE not Marilyn! Marilyn would never do this (pics/blog). I gave a snappy answer but that doesn't mean I don't consider that point. Even the assumption what MM would or wouldn't do is just based on books and what people have contradictedly written about her. I know her to be a rebel, and outspoken. Other people see her as a God and an angel. This is not a standard case, by no doing of my own, and it wont take a standard point of view/pictures/regressions, just because it's HER. She being the God she's been built into doesn't seem to allow for her reincarnation in me, or any other person. Yet ridiculously it's many of those same people who say they infact are Her. To me it doesn't matter. You can have a million pictures taken of you that doesn't make you a God, You can star in a movie or two that doesn't make you a God, you can kill yourself immediately or slowly thru time with alcohol and pills, that far from makes you a God. Based on the principles of reincarnation you will come back if you make grave mistakes. She believed in reincarnation, She believed in open minds, She believed in truth. She is not back because she was famous, she is back because she was human. I didn't put these pics up because I'm different than her, but because I'm the same. and I think we all are. These pics mean nothing to me. I'm not asking you to buy the book, you can steal it or borrow it from the library. This site is put up for the pondering of such a case, be it me or you or the girl next door. I offer you this, I'm her fan in the deepest way possible, letting her be her, whoever that may be. She still has to work out her own stuff because she is not a God. I put it up as much for you as for the next person. I agreed with the quote someone said "its the Marilyn between 1926 and 1962 that I love and nothing more" then you're not into her spiritual growth period and you don't need to be here or any other site like mine. I know there are several other "Marilyn's" out there, you are welcome to send me or Dr. F anything I will put it up next to hers, mine, I will write about any memories you've had. cause for me I'm just an ameoba under the microscope it gets kinda lonely there, so come on down. love and kisses Sher